Household Moving from Ann Arbor

Multi-bedroom house:                                                                                          Home

  • moving locally:  do it yourself with U-Haul, Budget or Penske and hired laborers.   Fastemps in Ypsilanti is the only local temp agency that will provide MOVERS.   If you contact a moving company for day laborers, some might help you out, but others would consider you to be competition for their business.    With Corrigan, Rose, Handle With Care or Two Men and a Truck, rates start at about $90 to $100 per hour for a local move and it can be a box of chocolates where you just never know what you will get as far as how solid the guys are when it comes to doing the job in an efficient manner that will not run up the hours. 
  • other options:   if you can get someone with experience to come out and help you organize the job and equip you with some of the professional tools to safely move your larger items, that is one way to save a lot of money.  They may also be able to help you line up labor that is insured. A2 Global Shipping is the only licensed motor carrier for household goods transport that will consult on a job like that.
  • smaller out of state moves:   truck rental companies are going to charge you somewhere between .50 and 1.00 per mile for a truck rental PLUS the drop off fee, which you might roughly calculate to be $1.50 per mile plus fuel.   A drop off fee for a move to Atlanta, for example can be $1200.00.   Depending on the size of your cargo, it might be significantly less expensive to have your items palletized on site and shipped as freight.   This is a method used frequently by A2 Global Shipping for both out of state moves and international moves.  Beds, tables, desks, chair and dressers can be shipped safely in this fashion, along with boxes of clothing, televisions and kitchen items.