Price Check

If you've received a shipping or importing rate and would like to initiate a third party check of said rate, please use the this form to make an initial request.

Some rates are simple such as:
" residence 48104 to residence 90210; 500 lb pallet @ 48.40.40 inches , of non hazmat goods valued at $1,500.00"

Other shipments can be fare more complex and may requirement at a minimum some of the following data-points:
  • complete origin and destination address
  • weight and dimensions of each piece
  • date of shipping and required transit time
  • commodity and value
  • temperature or other handling requirement

The initial price check form is quick and simple.   If additional information is required we will advise.  As a wholesaler of domestic freight and international parcel and freight rates, there are circumstances where we can quickly recognize the opportunity to provide you with rate that is favorable to one you have already obtained.